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Code-Port Solution

Code Port is an evolutionary technique of transferring key code sof protected software to a dongle under secure communication. When a corresponding EL device is plugged, the protected application will call specific API functions to run key codes and data stored in the dongle and return legal results, so as to complete the full operation of the protected application. As those code and data stored in the dongle do not have copies at the PC end, malicious crackers are unable to get algorithms or data by physical interception

Based on code-port technology, EL products provide a high-level customizable platform for developers to design and implement security solution. EL series supports all kinds of security methods and enable security solution and licensing modules seamlessly combined with business mode.

Remote Update

• Time and Cost Saving Instead of recycling hardware dongles, software developers can conduct a comprehensive software update, modify or even completely change the encryption software solution to worldwide end-users via Internet based on secure remote control technology.

• Reduce Risks The remote updating process is reliable and secure. By avoiding recycle and resend process, the risks of dongle lost and/or be pirated in logistic chain have been greatly reduced.

Smart Technology

As distinguished from conventional chip technology, the Elite ELsmart card chip contains a high performance cryptographic algorithm accelerator or coprocessor. A smart card chip of this nature can be viewed as a highly integrated mini PC

• Automatic Self-locking Mechanism

• Built-in Timer.
Timer is a useful component for software protection that appliesto time-limited usage and anti-tracking. EL has a built-in timer lasting more than 10 hours that sustains much longer than similar products of competitors

• Hardware Random Number Generator (White Noise Technology)
The smart card chip produces a high security random number,enabling the implementation of more secure solutions.

• Global Unique Serial Number
A global unique serial number which cannot be altered or rewritten is assigned to a smart card chip only. This puts an end to the piracy and enables the effective management on the released chips. Furthermore, by cooperating with Senselock, software developers are able to gain a unique“Client ID, which in effect addresses the critical issue of the reproduced and fraudulent dong



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