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Secure your Software with PC-Based Licensing

Secure your Software with PC-Based Licensing. Ensure that it works only on a Computer for which it is licensed. We map user data against machine bio-metrics. PC-Based licensing is the best type of software protection for almost 99% of all software.
Keep control over software usage by users. The number of seats per license is configurable. You control activation and deactivation remotely. It means increased revenue by preventing casual piracy.
The PC-based licensing also termed as hardware locked, node-locked, floating license, and others. The most popular variation of PC-based licensing is online activation and validation. 

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Why PC-Based licensing?

The licensing mechanism and security implementation are enormously complex. It is not only with state-of-art encryption algorithms but also an innovative solution to compare against other security and licensing options. SoftkeyLM provides you a best-in-class licensing mechanism to license and secure your software.

In the process of describing how PC-Based licensing works we will be covering how SoftkeyLM is a better choice.

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How This Works?

The whole point of this licensing is to get you revenue for every copy of your software. You control the installation of your software on a specific computer system by your customer.

The precise workflow of the SoftkeyLM PC-based licensing:

  1. The customer enters a license key (A1B2-C3D4-E5F6-G7H8).
  2. Licensing mechanism using the SoftkeyLM library generates a machine-print. It uniquely identifies the hardware components installed on the clients' machines.
  3. This license key and the unique machine-print sent to the activation server.
  4. The licensing server does all the necessary verification, and the activation process signs the license key and machine-print with the cipher. The signed cipher-text block forwarded back to the machine.
  5. The signed cipher-text decides the validation of the software to allow users to use it.


Benefits of using SoftkeyLM

  • The 128-bit encrypted communication channel between the PC and licensing server.
  • The subscription-based revenue model implementation for your software or product
  • Easy integration and user control.
  • Zero shipping costs will boost your sales.
  • Best cost-effective solution to secure your product.
  • Simple to integrate and use.
  • One go registration, activation for end customers.
  • Integrate SoftKeyLM library in a day.
  • SoftKeyLM library works on Windows x64 and x86 platforms.
  • Choose the language of your choice C++, VC++, MFC and C#.net, and VB.net.
  • SoftkeyLM gives you power, control, and revenue.
  • In-premise server solutions.
  • We will host SoftkeyLM at your own server, allow us to handle the work.